Nsenga Knight

Posted on Sunday, December 22nd, 2013 at 2:47 am
Nsenga Knight

Credit: Nsenga Knight

Nsenga Knight is an interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker. Her work expands upon the common aesthetic and conceptual inclinations in Islamic Art, American and European abstraction and the conceptual arts movement; and reflects her interest in ritual, subjectivity, history, archiving and intervention. Her artistic process is as tied to the medium of drawing and performance art as it is to photography and the aesthetics of cinema, particularly experimental films. There is a palimpsestuous circulation of function in her work and the traces of my human presence and movement play an essential role in its development. Her work gives evidence to its process and she embeds multiple histories within abstract forms.

The process and products of her art are made meaningful by way of dialogue and diverse relationships with form and ideas. Last Rite, her most recent body of work melds together forms found in pilgrimage rituals, sacred geometry, minimalism, and astronomy; and puts into dialogue text from Malcolm X’s hajj journal and the Iranian revolutionary and sociologist Ali Shariati’s memorable reflections on social justice in relation to the symbolism of the hajj pilgrimage in Mecca as written in his book Hajj published in 1977.

Through a restless hybridization of practices she mobilizes a play with language and form and act as disruptive intervener and ardent preservationist. Her approach to materials and ideas is part of a larger theoretical project that poses critical questions about process, power, representation, and the construction of communal narratives.

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